Drone technology

Drone light shows

A drone show is hundreds, or may be even thousands of drones (a swarm), with lights attached. The drones are pre-programmed to lift-off and fly into specific formations in the sky while the lights blink, flash, and/or change colors. They conduct a series of pre-programmed flight patterns and formations until they land safely.  Created formations can be words, 2D images, 3D images, QR codes or just about anything you can imagine.

200+ Operational Drones

Skye Dreams utilizes technology to manage the details so our designers can focus on telling their stories in the sky. Shows are created using a proprietary software that creates flight paths for all the drones and confirms that they are 100% safe to fly. Shows are wirelessly uploaded to the drones which use GPS for extremely precise positioning, down to the centimeter. This means that one pilot can control hundreds of drones at the same time with a push of a button!