– What does a drone light show look like?

Your imagination is basically the only limitation. Drones are 3D repositionable pixels.  The show can be whatever the customer and the designer create such as words, series of pictures that tell a story, QR codes, and more.

How long does a drone light show last?

Drone light shows typically are 8-13 minutes long. For longer shows than 13 minutes, it is possible to fly more than one swarm.  Back-to-back shows would extend beyond 13 minutes and your overall show could be 25 minutes or even longer with multiple swarms. The batteries are also rechargeable and can be swapped out which would allow for multiple shows over several hours with the same drones.

Where can I fly a drone light show?

Drone lights shows can be flown in many different locations.  However, due to safety and the FAA regulations, drones can not be flown over people.  You need a reasonable safe distance between the audience and the drone’s lift off and landing area.  You also don’t want to fly too close to buildings, other obstructions or want to be too close to an airport.

Who flies a drone light show?

The industry has its roots in the pioneering work done by robotics professors in the US and Europe.  There are only a small number of drone light show companies around the world, but the list is growing.  These companies have the necessary expertise and approval by the FAA to fly drone shows. 

How long does it take to set up for a drone light show?

It usually takes about 1-2 hours but it depends on how many drones will be flying, the duration of the show and how many helpers you have.

How much space is required?

The minimum spacing it about 5 feet between each drone, that means the takeoff and landing area for 100 drones needs to be a minimum of 2500 square feet.  There also needs to be plenty of separation between the drones and the audience as you are not allowed to fly over people. 

Are you insured?

Yes.  We have a comprehensive aviation liability insurance policy for drone shows.

How does the weather impact a drone light show?

Because Skye Dreams uses drones that have powerful motors, we can successfully fly shows in winds up to 23 mph.  However, FAA rules stipulate that the Pilot in Command has the ultimate responsibility to fly the show safely.  Also, rain, lightening and other weather conditions can result in a show being canceled.

How expensive is it?

Because the technology is so new, some Drone Light Show companies charge between $50,000 to $200,000 for a customized outdoor drone show that may last longer than 13 minutes, have more than 100 drones and have complex 3D animations and logos.  Our goal is to make your Drone Light Show as affordable as possible.  We are trying to take this entertainment technology and make it affordable for more personal events like weddings, birthday parties, graduations, retirements, gender reveals and so many more possibilities. Please contact us for a quote for your event.

What is the lead time for creating a drone light show?

It depends on the complexity of the show. Most companies require a 4-week lead time, but we can design and put a show together in a matter of days if necessary.

Are drone lights shows legal?

Yes, drone light shows are legal.  The FAA regulates the airspace and Skye Dreams has several certified drone pilots approved to fly in regulated airspace.  

How safe are drones?

Very Safe.  The drones Skye Dreams uses to fly are designed with redundancy and safety in mind. Multiple radios onboard each drone operate at different frequencies outside the crowded Wi-Fi spectrum to ensure communications are always maintained.  There are other safety protocols in place like geofences to ensure that the drones never operate in an unsafe manner.  Also, the FAA requires there to be a certified part 107  drone pilot to operate every drone show.  Skye Dreams also uses trained visual observers to help ensure that ultimate safety is maintained.

Will drone light shows replace fireworks?

In short, no.  Fireworks still have a place in the community to wow spectators.  They are loud, bright and if done right, can be spectacular. But not all locations are suitable for loud noises and the possibility of fire. Here are some of the reasons that drones may be better than fireworks:


  • Drones are reusable – Drones take off, fly their pre-programmed show and land.  They can be used repeatedly for many shows in the future.  Fireworks are amazing but they are one and done and besides, they leave debris behind.
  • Drones are quiet(er) – Drones have small electric motors that turn 4 propellers. You may hear a whirring sound as they take off and land, but they usually fly between 150 to 400 feet above the ground. Fireworks can emit an explosive sound that some pets as well as some people (PTSD) can create an adverse response.
  • Drones are customizable – Drones give us the ability to put in the sky any image you can create using our special 3D software. Images like animals, globes, cars, buildings, flowers, and anything else you can imagine.  Utilizing the pixels on our drones, we can create images using every color in the world.  Fireworks can put up some amazing starburst patterns with sound and color and they can do some custom figures in the sky but are very limited.  However, with a sound system and a good programmer and enough drones, you can have just as amazing show with drones.
  • Drones are safer – Drones have electric motors, they are programmed for a pre-determined flight, they have safety features built in them and will land if the situation becomes unsafe.  Fireworks can be quite risky. In a few cases, they have exploded too close to residential areas causing fires and they emit pollutants from the chemicals they are made from.
  • Drones are environmentally friendly – Drones are clean, they use batteries, they don’t emit any pollutants and they are reusable.  Fireworks emit pollutants that can be toxic to people, animals, and plants. Some particles can stay in the air which could lead to acid rain.